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Justin Detweiler.

18. Photographer. In love with my best friend. 7.26.13. Country boy at heart, suburban white boy by birth. Jeep. Chevy. Subie. Urban decay. Nature. Adrenaline Junkie. Snowboarding. Skateboarding. Motocross. BMX. Surfing. Skimboarding. Act first, think later.


Classic …… @luked0bbie 1979 #jeep #j10 with a 7” lift on 35’s


monday morning hitting me like

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Anonymous: I get poked fun at for being edge, dudes I hang out with always say" I remember middle school". It's annoying, not because getting picked on gets old. But for the fact that I had to watch my dad withdrawal from heroin and pills. I think if people weren't so ignorant they'd understand why people believe in what they believe in. Thanks for always bringing the laughs and support, you guys truly rule


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